got me some teen spirit

Photos taken by my dear friend Abbey.

Went spray-painting some trains with some friends the other night. There is a certain sense of excitement and nostalgia about trains. They represent a bygone era, one that we remember fondly, because what are memories, if we don't think of them fondly?
We were spray painting one of the stationary trains, but one came by as we were doing the deed and we sat within the train, with only a short amount of space separating us and the giant moving hunk of metal blaring its horn beside us. It was something I never thought I'd experience and it was one of those things that you don't realize is on your bucket list until it happens to you.
The first is the subject of an essay I wrote about in french class in re to a french play (the translation: idealism of the young), the second and third are lyrics from a Tyler the Creator song.
The girl in the picture isn't me, but she's one of  the coolest people I know!

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