DIY: studding a denim jacket

I know there has been a lot of tutorials online about how to do this, and it's not exactly rocket science to start with, but I thought I'd also put my two cents in.
I bought an old denim jacket from a thrift store, dunked it in some bleach to even out the fading (it had been faded oddly- probably something from the 80's), and then I decided to stud the back. The studs were very forgiving in terms of the fact I didn't have to place them in exact straight lines- they sort of managed to fix themselves into straight lines because of how the prongs were shaped. I used a butter knife to push the prongs flat, and the overall project took about 4 hours. However, keep in mind I was also eating and watching a movie- this was during spring break (as if I could do this now).
Well worth the effort, for how much I love it, and how many times I've worn it.

Here is also a video tutorial you may find helpful.

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