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I think I'm in love with collars. A basic collared shirt is always a good staple to have, but you can also play around with it too. Stud it, or add some collar tips to it and it instantly adds edge to your basic shirt. If you manage to find a sheer collared shirt, or perhaps a really nice silk one (I have one- it's worth the investment), it becomes one of the most feminine pieces in your collection. Have the collar sticking out from behind a nice chunky sweater or paired with a maxi skirt and some wedges (or both) and you've got yourself a look. Whether they are in the form of the ever-classic white button down shirt, or if they are silky sheer, or studded, collars are just so crisp and lovely. I hope people never stop wearing them.


  1. I'm a collar addict too! I love the top right, Ann Sofie Back one and the simple top left.

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!