what's in my purse

This is the vintage bag I got while I was travelling in Europe this past summer. It was at a stall in the Noordermarkt in the Joordan neighbourhod of the lovely city of Amsterdam. Noordermarkt is a market that sells an abundance of vintage and second-hand fashion goods. To get there, you can take either tram number 3 or 10; or bus numbers 18, 21, 348, 353 at Marnixplein. Here is a better explanation from one of my favorite travel websites for what Noordermarkt is.
The purse is from the 1940's and I had the strap seperately made. I hope it will withstand the wear-and-tear of my busy days, 

I intend for this one to last a very long time!

But that brought me to my next subject, which is what I usually carry around in my purse. A pen given to me by a German exchange student, a Swiss army knife (bought in Amsterdam for 15 euros), my moleskine (a constant companion- my life would be in shambles without it!), my key, a lip stain, sunglasses, and the beautiful leather pouch I bought from COS in Paris which contains money, cards, ID, and other useful every day objects.

Objects I usually have that aren't shown here are: my phone, my iPod, my BLANK CANVAS pouch bought from the Tate Modern containing various pens, pencils, rulers, sharpener and a calculator.

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