choies.com review

For anyone who has seen choies.com pop up recently and was curious about it, here is a comprehensive review, and why I would absolutely, undoubtedly NOT purchase a single thing from this online store.
Choies.com, similar to ASOS, is a online clothing store catering to the online fashion crowd, and is based out of China. They don't sell anything brand-name, nor do they, for the most part, even list what the materials and fabrics are. When listed, the materials used do not appear to be of great quality and are usually heavily synthetic and man-made.  A lot of their descriptions on the website itself are miss labelled, misspelled, or just plain nonsensical.
While a lot of their designs are quite trendy, the quality appears to be extremely poor for what the prices are.   Many of their designs are knock-offs of much better quality designer goods and products.

My personal experiences with Choies.com has ranged from mildly awful to absolutely horrendous. I ordered a pair of tall black boots after signing up to their website (the website claimed they were made from leather, however, judging from the pictures provided and the materials of the other products offered in the store, I have my sincere doubts regarding the truth in this). I did this on a Friday.
For the shipping address, I put both my P.O. Box address as well as my street address- this has worked wonderfully for me when ordering from ASOS, Topshop online, and Aldo.com. Never has a package been mistakenly sent back because I'd put both my P.O. Box address and my street address in the form.

On Sunday, two days after the boots had been ordered, I still had received no email notification that my money had gone anywhere legitimate. Worried, I checked their website and realized their website stated they only wanted my street address.
I used their customer service chatline (they never replied to my emails) to confirm that it would be okay to do this. They told me they would look into it for me. A mere 30 minutes later, I received an email notifying me my order had been cancelled because I provided a P.O. Box address, even though I had provided a P.O. Box address AND a street address, they just hadn't bothered to read one more line of the address I'd provided.
I went back onto their customer service chatline to talk to a customer service representative about this and was rudely informed in erroneous English there was absolutely nothing they could do about it and I would just have to replace an order. So grudgingly, I went back to the same boots I'd previously ordered, only to find that they had almost TRIPLED in price.
The price I had ordered them at was $59, but the price they had become was $169.
The customer service representative told me that the tripled price was what I would have to pay for the EXACT same product, even though I'd paid for them at roughly 1/3 their price only two days before and it was THEIR mistake to cancel my order without actually checking my address or confirming it with me beforehand.
Apparently, the "best they could possibly do" was to give me 35% off 2 pairs of shoes, which is completely disgusting to me. The shoes are obviously not worth $169 if they were being sold for $59 to start with. And between you and me, we both know that 35% off the purchase of 2 products is little assuagement to this situation and they probably could have tried much harder to provide better customer service.
But it's the simple fact that a company wants me, the customer, to pay for the mistake they made leads me to state, with utter and complete certainty, I will never purchase anything from choies.com ever again, and neither should you.


  1. Anonymous11/2/13

    Wow thanks for writing this.

    I am considering to buy a pair of black boots from them, but now I will think twice. They sound terribly unhelpful!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I would do the same if I went through something like this.. I wanted to buy a beautiful pair of sandals for them which are priced at $100 but it seems pointless at this point -- hopefully I'll find them elsewhere.


  3. I just went through the most horrific shopping experience with them, EVER! I wish that I had seen this sooner. /: I plan to spread my experience across the internet as much as I can. The website is such a scam and they have the worst customer service department in the world.

    Thanks for the great post, I will also be sharing one soon!

  4. Anonymous24/6/13

    I wish I had seen this blog sooner. I have just bought an overpriced shoes with very poor quality. I am so frustrated and will definitely not purchase anything from this website. Choies sucks big time.

  5. This is insane, I've been finding numerous style blogs linking to this shit - wow
    ex: http://www.serialklother.com/2013/06/pink-dress.html#more

  6. Omg!!! Thank you so much for your review. I was on Whowhatwear.com browsing and saw these cute shoes on choies.com. I was about to purchase them for $60 bucks with $15 off that they give for new members. But realizing that I can't find any brand name listed anywhere or what materials are the shoes made out of. I was a bit skeptical so I googled their site and....

  7. I'm so glad I didn't waste my money on making an order with them. No thanks for the $15 off, if I would have to go through that much of a trouble and the quality is shitty! Thanks again for the review!

  8. This is very helpful, although I wish I would have read this sooner because I just went through hell trying to order this bathing suit. But my main question is, have any of you actually received the items in the mail? Did any or all of them ever make it to you? I'm pretty sure I won't have it in time for the occasion I need it, but will it at least come?

  9. I'm sorry your experience with them was so bad, I have ordered from them before and actually thought they were kind of wonderful. Their quality isn't GREAT but I would compare it with the likes of forever 21 and their chalked up prices are quite similar to how nasty gal operates (I only buy sale items from both choies and nastygal, lol). Their customer service answered all of my emails promptly and politely (but in sometimes broken english). The only thing I say is not to pay for shipping, chose the regular price because it will still take just as long. Just giving a second opinion.

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  11. I ordered 8 items and i will be returning ALL OF THEM!! The quality is terrible and for the price its just unacceptable. The sweater that I got was shedding unbelievably and both leggings had print marks on them. I filled in a form to get a refund but I'm worried that now my $180.00 are gone because their return policy states that (Note: 1.All items purchased on sale are non-returnable.) and almost all of mine were.

    I was so excited because I have read so many great review and what I recieved was a complete waste of money!!

    I recently ordered a pair of black cut out boots from Choies. When I received the package I was horrified by what I saw. It was literally a pair of shoes bubble wrapped and covered with packing tape! I paid $140 for a pair of shoes that looked as though they were bought from the Dollar store. I contacted theCustomer Service dept via email and was told that they are closed for Chinese New Year for a month. Now, they are ignoring my emails and will not give me my refund. The website's photos are all a misrepresentation of the actual quality of product you will receive. They pay bloggers through credits to get them to write/post positive experiences in turn for merchandise. These items are all coming from China which they do not mention. I have never posted anything like this online but in this case was forced to in order to protect others from getting scammed. Please tell everyone you know so that the word spreads and they are forced to shut down this site!!!

  13. Thanks for the post, but I would never compare this site to ASOS. Asos, based out of the UK, sells great quality stuff and is a reputable company. Choies is like Sheinside. Based out of china, so shipping WILL take weeks. Poor communicaiton because no one speaks English and just all around sketchy! Thanks again for your review.

  14. i purchased a kimono outer from this website 1,5 month ago, and here i am typing this letters to you guys with NO kimono outer. My package haven't arrived yet, and i don't know how long i have to bear to wait it to arrive. I have sent an e-mail 2 weeks ago to the customer service and they replied by saying it is common that the package will take some time to arrive. And when i reply their e-mail asking "so how long exactly i would have to wait for my purchase?" nobody replied.

    this sucks.

  15. Anonymous20/5/15

    THANK YOU! I was just about to enter all my details to purchase (a ridiculously cute) skirt and thought it best to google 'Choies review'. It appears no-one-ever has had a good experience with them. I think I will quickly shut that page down and search elsewhere for the skirt. Thanks again.

  16. I odered from Choies thinking I would be receiving quality merchandise based on youtube reviews *sighs*. After doing further research I stumbled upon this website (Trust Pilot) and decided to cancel my order before it was sent out. I was told my money would be in my paypal account in 2 days, 7days later NOTHING! I spoke with Sam on live chat and was told my money will be back in my account "soon" huh? He also told me I should request my refund from paypal! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! CHOIES IS A SCAM!!!!

  17. I odered from Choies thinking I would be receiving quality merchandise based on youtube reviews *sighs*. After doing further research I stumbled upon this website (Trust Pilot) and decided to cancel my order before it was sent out. I was told my money would be in my paypal account in 2 days, 7days later NOTHING! I spoke with Sam on live chat and was told my money will be back in my account "soon" huh? He also told me I should request my refund from paypal! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! CHOIES IS A SCAM!!!!

  18. Anonymous23/10/15

    I also had an awful experience with Choies. Immediately after paying for my order I read some reviews and I decided to cancel my purchase asap. Some employee told me he couldn't find my order (they deleted the order in my account!) and he promised me they won't charged the money. But they did. I've talked with them again and any luck. They don't want to refund my stolen money because they argue the order is on its way (when it was supposed to be deleted by then or cancelled by me). The only solution they gave me is to refuse signing when they deliver the order. I even don't know if it is going to happen.

    My recommendation: DON'T buy in Choies. It is a scam and a very frustrating experience.