phoebe philo is my hero: my favorite Céline pieces

(all photos edited, originals from www.celine.com)

Céline is, and continues to be, one of my favorite luxury fashion brands of all time. Their minimalistic approach to style, the quality of their goods, and their general aesthetics has really appealed to me for a really long time. These are some of my favorite pieces from the last three collections (Spring 2012, Summer 2012, Fall 2012). I tend to focus on the leather goods and accessories Céline produces, rather than their RTWline.  Pheobe Philo has managed to create quite an impressive brand that I hope will never decline. 
I'm excited to see what pieces will be in the new collection!


  1. Oh god DON'T, I want it all!!

  2. just found your blog and love your aesthetic!

    and hey guess what! i just started a new blog! i think i have some great ideas and i'd love if you could stop by and perhaps follow it, if you like!


  3. lovely !
    nice post!!!